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1. Membership Application and Agreement

Please read carefully, confirm and check each box to acknowledge that you have read and understood every item.

*Sponsor Information is required: Sponsor's ID Number and First 3 Letters of Sponsor's Last Name. Apply "C3Y0013955" & "CHU" and you will be sponsored to join as a member.

*"Herbalife Member Pack" (HMP) or "Mini Member Pack" is recommended to be purchased for knowing other different products, also includes some product samples and Career Books- for people who are interested in building a Herbalife business. A member pack is strongly recommended for business minded people; the books include some basic guidelines for building a business such as plans and marketing, introductions of different categories of products such as supplements for heart health, immune health, general health, and fitness supplements, etc. The packs are available on the link below:

You can order HMP and know about the details before you consider to sign up as a member. 

2. Application

Enter your Personal Information, Residential Address, and Create a Personal Identification Number. 

3. Agreement

There is an agreement of membership and additional terms and conditions of doing the Herbalife business. Please go through the texts carefully before checking the agree boxes.

You can also sign up as a member before getting a member pack. You will have to get a member pack in order to finish your sign up process. Then, You will get a member pack after becoming a member. 

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