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Want to achieve your split? 

It is not a dream that is too far away anymore. 

People often fail or give up doing a split because of THREE main reasons:

1. Difficulty maintaining the stretching posture while not flexible enough

2. Lacking a partner who is willing to help out the stretching journey

3. Lack of dedication/ motivation- the two reasons above can also be a factor of this.

I am telling you, it is easier than you think to do a split as long as you do not have the three problems above and SplitFlex™ is able to eliminate ALL those problems.


As the image displayed above, there are two legs with handles which hold up against the person's two legs, and the angle of the two legs will open up as you pull the handle in the middle. You can maintain the position and adjust the stretching angle as you prefer.

Now, do you think you need to RELY on a partner to help out your own stretching journey?

Doing a split is not as hard as you think if you do it the smart way.

The new invention is here. The only question for YOU is:

Do you really want to CHANGE and become flexible when there is a product that makes stretching EASY for you?

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