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Do you want to improve your body awareness? You get to have access to the secret RIGHT HERE.

For example, all professional fighters know the importance of this: Body awareness is fundamental for those attack movements in order to execute the kicks and punches perfectly in the correct position to hit the target, without getting injured.

That's why you may hear that they do something called shadow-boxing if you are not familiar with martial arts.

This gear is designed to create resistance for the body movements, which forces corresponding muscles to use extra strength for the movements. The use of this gear is to force you to become aware of any of your movements. It is a gear that is applicable to utilize for any resistance exercise. 

*This training gear is only recommended for intermediate & advanced trainers who are already aware enough and familiar to their body movements. This is not recommended for beginners who lack experience of training, can easily injure themselves with this.

That is why advanced trainers should NOT miss this out for the Awareness Gains!

*Promotional Sale, Stock Limited*

Item Details

- 38cm Resistance Band x2

- 49cm Resistance Band x2

- Adjustable Waist Band x1

- Sole Strap x2

- Wrist Strap x2

- Handle x2

Band Resistance: 35-40lbs each

Recommended Training: Martial Arts Training, Running, Basketball, Volleyball, Body Weight Training & Conditioning.